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Air Traffic Noise Community Workshop Update

On June 13th, 2018 the Air Traffic Noise Working Group held an interactive discussion of the air traffic noise over the city of Huntington Beach.

The public meeting, hosted by City Council members Patrick Brenden and Barbara Delgleize, provided a status report on group's efforts and an open Q&A.   Chief Assistant City Attorney Mike Vigliotta provided a update on the legal aspects of the issue and Phil Burtis, a member of the working group, shared data he collected on flight paths over Huntington Beach.  When Phil asked the audience to raise their hand if they believe air traffic noise has increased, it seemed everyone’s hand shot up.

Below are documents from the meeting

Report Noise Complaints To Long Beach Airport

Call the airport at (562) 570-2665 to file a noise complaint.  You can also email them at LGBNoise@longbeach.gov

When you hear planes screaming overhead and flying way too low it's time to report them!  With Flight Tracker (see below on this page) you can use the playback feature to see the height and the flight info of offending airplanes that SCREAM and WHINE over our rooftops here in HB.

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Get engaged Huntington Beach - look up & listen - it's bad



Neighborhoods throughout Huntington Beach are being subject to 5x to 10x the amount of roaring jet noise than ever before due to LOWER, LOUDER, and MORE FREQUENT overflights to surrounding airports. 


The FAA's recent implementation of NextGen* has taken traditional flight paths previously fanned out across many miles and funneled them into tightly concentrated flight corridors throughout Huntington Beach.

Communities unfortunate enough to live under these 'super-highways' are suffering greatly...and it's only getting worse.

Jets into Long Beach are screaming overhead as low as 1400ft, those headed for John Wayne @ 5000ft, and those destined for LAX @ 6900ft & 24 hours a day! Even the east bound flights out of LAX are crossing over HB lower and louder. Combine these four tracks and it's possible that NextGen has hit Huntington Beach harder than any other city in our nation.



*NextGen is the FAA-led modernization of our nation's air transportation that involves switching to satellite-enabled navigation that is more precise than traditional ground-based navigation. This technology was designed to “improve overall capacity, performance, efficiency and predictability throughout the National Air Space.” As such flights paths that were previously fanned out miles apart are being funneled into narrow super-highways, flying over neighborhoods at lower altitudes and astonishing frequency.


NextGen helps airlines and airports expand capacity, save fuel and enjoy more profits, basically banking on the misery of the very neighborhoods they fly over.



If these super-highways stand uncontested, the FAA will continue to funnel even more jets into these already congested corridors. 

This is, after all, their plan.

In northwest Huntington Beach (between Goldenwest and Edinger) there are neighborhoods who, in 2011, saw between 25 and 40 aircraft a day fly over their homes. Post NextGen, the count is over 200 a day! (all between 600ft and 7000ft.)

If you find the current overflights every 4 to 6 minutes disruptive, imagine how you'll feel when they are every 1 to 3 minutes?

If we don’t act now, IT WILL HAPPEN!


NextGen's controversial flight paths are not unique to Huntington Beach. https://www.nextgennoise.org


It also affects wildlife -- especially the Bolsa Chica Wetlands.  With jets flying directly over the wetlands at sub 1,400 feet it could be a disaster for migratory birds. Elegant terns are one example of birds that fly extremely high above their nesting areas in what's called ritual mating dance flights. They will be in the direct path of low jets heading for Long Beach. Birds and jets do not mix well. Let your city council members know you are concerned and look to more information on this site as to our progress to protect the terns.


It's easy, click here to sign our petition to help Stop The Jet Noise!


OUR GOAL is to work with the FAA

to revert these super-highways back to more dispersed and environmentally friendly flight paths as well as raise overflights to the maximum altitudes safety allows.  


Barbara Delgleize and Patrick Brenden have formed an Air Traffic Noise Working Group (ATNWG) composed of concerned HB residents. Please let our city council members know that you support them.

We hope you find this site informative. 

Please check back frequently for site updates and information on our progress. 

Flight Tracker - reinforce what you are seeing in the sky!

Ever wonder just how many planes are over your house right now?  With Plane Finder you can add to the experience of not just hearing loud and invasive jets overhead, but you can see where they are going, how LOW they are and more!

There is also a playback so when you want to see the sheer number of planes that might have caused your outdoor Saturday BBQ to be not so great, click the link below and see what the airspace looks like and thank the FAA for turning Surf City into Jet City!